Since the late 1950s, innumerable film and television recordings of Willy Brandt do exist. Among the videos shown here are many newsreel segments. In addition, you can see excerpts from an interview in 1988 for the ZDF programme “Zeugen des Jahrhunderts” (“Witnesses of the Century”).

71 Entries

Willy Brandt at a rally in Gotha (East Germany), 27 January 1990 More »

Willy Brandt at the party convention of the East German SPD in Leipzig, 24 February 1990 More »

Willy Brandt in East Berlin on the results of the GDR Volkskammerwahl, 18 March 1990 More »

Willy Brandt speaking on development policy at the Charles University in Prague, 15 May 1990 More »

SPD’s unification convention at the ICC in Berlin, 27 September 1990 More »

Speech of Willy Brandt before the Bundestag in Berlin, 4 October 1990 More »

Willy Brandt in Baghdad (Iraq), 9 November 1990 More »

State Funeral for Willy Brandt in the Berlin Reichstag Building, 17 October 1992 More »

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