Leber, Julius

© Archiv der sozialen Demokratie, Bonn

German politician (SPD) and journalist; Willy Brandt’s sponsor in Lübeck
Before 1933 Lübeck’s most significant social democrat

  • 1891 born
  • 1921–1933 Editor or editor-in-chief of the Lübecker Volksbote and representative in Lübeck’s city assembly
  • 1924–1933 Member of the Reichstag
  • 1933–1937 Incarcerated i.a. in concentration camps
  • 1937–1944 active resistance to the NS-Regime
  • 1944 Arrest shortly before the failed assassination attempt on Hitler of 20 July
  • 1945 executed
Index of References
Working-class youngster in Lübeck 1913-1932

Resistance fighter in Norwegian exile 1933-1939

Democratic Socialist and Journalist in Sweden 1940-1946

Governing Mayor and Candidate for Chancellor


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