Harpprecht, Klaus

© J.H. Darchinger/Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

German journalist and publicist
Brandt’s most important speechwriter

  • 1927 born
  • 1962-1966 USA correspondent of the ZDF (Second German Television Network)
  • 1966-1969 Director of S. Fischer Publishing Co.
  • 1968 Joined the SPD
  • 1969-1971 Managing editor of the magazine “Der Monat”
  • 1972-1974 Adviser to Federal Chancellor Brandt for international issues (especially for America, Western Europe and Israel) and director of the “scriptorium” in the Federal Chancellery
  • Since 1974 Publicist and associate at various magazines
  • 2016 died
Index of References
Foreign Minister and Federal Chancellor in Bonn 1967-1974

International statesman without government office 1975-1982

Dedicated European and German Patriot 1983-1992


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