Meyer, Gertrud

© Willy-Brandt-Archiv im AdsD, Bonn

German and later Norwegian party functionary (SAPD, DNA)
Willy Brandt’s life partner in the 1930s

  • 1914 born in Lübeck
  • 1933-1939 Exile in Norway
  • Beginning in 1933 central positions in the exile SAPD in Norway
  • 1935-1941 Associate of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich
  • 1936 Sham marriage to Gunnar Gaasland, Norwegian citizenship by that means
  • 1939-1946 Exile in the USA, associate of Wilhelm Reich
  • 1946 Return to Norway
  • 2002 died
Index of References
Working-class youngster in Lübeck 1913-1932

Resistance fighter in Norwegian exile 1933-1939

Democratic Socialist and Journalist in Sweden 1940-1946


Private Life


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