Willy Brandt’s voice is an unmistakable trademark which still fascinates today. Listen to original recordings of speeches and interviews from six decades in which he tells about historical events and about his political experiences.

33 Entries

Willy Brandt’s farewell address as party chairman, 14 June 1987 More »

Willy Brandt comments on his withdrawal from the SPD chairmanship More »

Remarks of Willy Brandt about the chances for a German nation state in Europe More »

Interview with Willy Brandt in front of Schöne­berg Town Hall in Berlin, 10 November 1989 More »

Speech of Willy Brandt on the fall of the Berlin Wall, 10 November 1989 More »

Speech of Willy Brandt before the Bundestag concerning the historical review of the East German communist regime, 12 March 1992 More »

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