Willy Brandt’s voice is an unmistakable trademark which still fascinates today. Listen to original recordings of speeches and interviews from six decades in which he tells about historical events and about his political experiences.

33 Entries

Willy Brandt gives an account of his life in exile and his travels during the 1930s More »

Willy Brandt on the reasons why a German People’s Front failed in 1938 More »

Willy Brandt recalls his thoughts on the fight against fascism in 1940/41 More »

Willy Brandt praises the resistance movement in Norway 1940–1945 More »

Willy Brandt talks about the neutral status of Sweden 1940–1945 More »

Willy Brandt on his goals for peace during World War II More »

Willy Brandt’s recollections of the Nuremberg Trials 1945/46 More »

Speech of Willy Brandt at the regional party convention of the Berlin SPD, 8 May 1948 More »

Statement of Willy Brandt at a press conference in Berlin, November 1948 More »

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