Documents and Objects

Willy Brandt’s legacy encompasses not only articles, letters, manuscripts, protocols and documents, but also three-dimensional objects. Only a fraction can be presented here. Discover historical documents and objects from the Willy Brandt Archives and from other archives.

42 Entries

Gestapo File Card on Herbert Frahm (Willy Brandt), 16 February 1938 More »

“Tatsachen betr. den Konflikt in der Osloer Gruppe”, 20 July 1938 More »

Announcement of Willy Brandt’s expatriation, 5 September 1938 More »

Newsletter, No. 9, 22 January 1940 More »

Willy Brandt’s Swedish press card, 1940 More »

“Ny Dag får svar på tal” in ”Trots allt”, No. 34, 20-26 August 1943 More »

Declaration of former SAPD members joining the SPD, October 1944 More »

Letter from Willy Brandt to Halvard Lange, 7 November 1947 More »

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