Documents and Objects

Willy Brandt’s legacy encompasses not only articles, letters, manuscripts, protocols and documents, but also three-dimensional objects. Only a fraction can be presented here. Discover historical documents and objects from the Willy Brandt Archives and from other archives.

42 Entries

“Nach der Travequelle”, in “Der Lübecker Kinderfreund”, 22 February 1927 More »

Application form for the “Großheimische Realschule”, 1927 More »

University entrance diploma, 26 February 1932 More »

“Resolution zur Lage”, 12 March 1933 More »

Conference of the SAPD in Paris, March 1934 More »

Certificate of enrolment at King Frederik’s University, 1 September 1934 More »

“Von der illegalen Kampffront”, in “Marxistische Tribüne”, March 1937 More »

Postcard from Willy Brandt to Jacob Walcher, 20 April 1937 More »

“Tyskland efter 5 års nazistyre”, in “Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad”, 29 January 1938 More »

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