Documents and Objects

Willy Brandt’s legacy encompasses not only articles, letters, manuscripts, protocols and documents, but also three-dimensional objects. Only a fraction can be presented here. Discover historical documents and objects from the Willy Brandt Archives and from other archives.

42 Entries

Willy Brandt’s Certificate of German citizenship, 1 July 1948 More »

“Von draussen gesehen”, in “BS”, 17 August 1950 More »

”Warnung vor Europa-Illusionen”, in “BS”, 14 November 1950 More »

Letter from Willy Brandt to Herbert Wehner, 2 January 1951 More »

“Neutralität? – Aktivität“, in “BS”, 21 February 1951 More »

“Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands?”, SPD leaflet, 1951 More »

Willy Brandt, “Probleme des Titoismus”, 1951 More »

“Haben wir genug getan?”, SPD booklet, 1951 More »

“Eisenhower muss nach Berlin!” in “Neue Ruhr-Zeitung”, 8 November 1957 More »

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