Speech at the “New School of Social Research” in New York, 19 April 1965

In schwarzer Schriftmaschinenschrift steht geschrieben: Advance Text of Speech by Governing Mayor Willy Brandt at the New School for Social Research on April 19, 1965. Embargo: Aprth 19th, 1 P.M.. The new Germany enters maturity. In the life of the individual, as well as in the life of a people, there is too often a tendency to find the easy road, the more comfortable one, even though the easier way is not always the right way. But there is great satisfaction in staying on the hard rode, if in the end it turns out to be right.

On 19 April 1965 the “New School of Social Research” awards Willy Brandt with an honorary doctorate. On the occasion of this ceremony, he gives a speech in which he asks for trust in the Federal Republic of Germany. Brandt criticises the German division (“20 years are enough!”) and at the same time he calls upon West Germany to develop it’s own initiatives in foreign policy matters.
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