Significant Speeches

In the course of his life, Willy Brandt delivered numerous addresses on the widest variety of topics and occasions. Here you will find texts of significant speeches from six decades. This collection will continue to be augmented.

23 Entries

Speech to Berlin’s SPD on the putsch in Czechoslovakia, 12 March 1948 More »

Speech to the Steuben-Schurz Society in Berlin, 17 January 1958 More »

Speech at the Theodor Herzl Institute in New York, 19 March 1961 More »

Speech in front of Schöneberg Town Hall against construction of the Wall in Berlin, 16 August 1961 More »

Speech at the Tutzing Academy, 15 July 1963 More »

Speech after John F. Kennedy’s murder, 23 November 1963 More »

Speech at the Foreign Policy Asso­ciation in New York, 15 May 1964 More »

Speech at the “New School of Social Research” in New York, 19 April 1965 More »

Speech at the Conference of non-nuclear nations in Geneva, 3 September 1968 More »

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