Greeting for the Congress of the Socialist International in Berlin, 15 September 1992

Fotografie des Sitzungsraums des 19. Weltkongresses der Sozialistischen Internationalen in Berlin vom 15. bis 17. September 1992.
© Bundesregierung, B 145 Bild-00182739/o.A.

A mortally ill Willy Brandt is no longer able to participate in the Congress of the Socialist International (SI) which takes place in Berlin for the first time in mid-September 1992. Hans-Jochen Vogel reads the farewell message of the outgoing SI President. In it Brandt calls on his political friends not to relent in their dedication against injustice and for human rights: “Nothing comes of its own accord. And only very little is lasting – be aware of your strength and of the fact that every era requires its own answers and that you must feel up to it if you are meant to do good things.”
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