Speech in front of Schöneberg Town Hall against construction of the Wall in Berlin, 16 August 1961

Schwarz-Weiß-Aufnahme Willy Brandts 1961 vor einer Vielzahl von Mikrofonen. Im Hintergrund lässt sich das Rathaus Schöneberg erahnen.
© Landesarchiv Berlin/Horst Siegmann

Three days after construction of the Berlin Wall begins, 300,000 people gather in front of Schöneberg Town Hall in West Berlin for a protest rally. In his speech, the Governing Mayor condemns the measures employed by the East as a violation of the Four-Powers status of Berlin and calls on the West to not idly watch the construction of the Wall. He appeals to GDR border patrol soldiers to demonstrate humaneness and not shoot at their own fellow countrymen.
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