Trips 1945–1956

With the end of the war in 1945, the world is again open to Willy Brandt. For nearly five years he was only able to travel within Sweden, the country of his exile. Before Brandt permanently returns to Germany, he commutes frequently back and forth. Even in the early 1950s, he regularly travels to Scandinavia. For the most part, Brandt spends his holidays with his family in Norway. In 1954 he flies to the USA for the first time. The many intra-German trips which Willy Brandt undertakes beginning in 1949 between Berlin and Bonn as a Bundestag representative are not listed here.


May 1945 Oslo (Norway)
Three-week stay after Norway’s liberation from German Occupation; after that, return to Stockholm (Sweden)
8–11 November 1945 Germany
Plane trip from Oslo (Norway) by way of Stockholm (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) to Bremen and after that continued journey to Lübeck to visit his family
20 November–
20 Dezember 1945
Nuremberg (Germany)
Press observer at the allied trial against the major war criminals of the “Third Reich”
New Year 1945
Lübeck (Germany) / Stockholm (Sweden)
Visit with the family in Lübeck and subsequent celebration of the New Year in Stockholm


2 January–
5 March 1946
Press reports of the Nuremburg Trial and information-gathering trips in the American occupation zone; subsequent return to Oslo (Norway)
May 1946 Germany
Participation at the SPD’s party convention in Hannover and discussions with party leaders around Kurt Schumacher, press reports from the Nuremberg Trial and visits in Lübeck and Kiel; subsequent return to Oslo (Norway)
Summer 1946 Norway
Holiday in Western Norway
18 August–
September 1946
Press reports at the Nuremberg Trial as well as appearances and discussions, i. a. with Annedore Leber, in the local election campaign in Lübeck; subsequent return to Oslo (Norway)
Christmas 1946–
January 1947
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Private stay and wait for entry papers to begin work at the Norwegian Military Mission in Berlin


Mid-January 1947 Berlin (Germany)
Move to begin work at the Norwegian Military Mission
July 1947 Prag (Czechoslovakia)
Holiday and political discussions
August 1947 Norway


November 1948 Sweden / Norway
Political discussions, discussions and interviews in Stockholm and Oslo


August 1950 Norway
i. a. Lecture at an International Summer School in Sørmarka


2–27 March 1954 USA
Information-gathering trip by an SPD Bundestag delegation with Carlo Schmid, Fritz Erler and Günter Klein; Stopovers: Washington DC, New Orleans, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, San Francisco, New York


April 1955 Rome (Italy)
Participation at a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentarian Union as part of a Bundestag delegation
August 1955 Yugoslavia
Holiday on the island of Lopud and subsequent discussions with representatives of the International Commission of the “Socialist Alliance of Working People of Yugoslavia”
12-17 September 1955 Milan (Italy)
Participation at the international conference, “The Future of Freedom,” of the “Congress for cultural Freedom”


late März 1956 Stockholm (Sweden)
Lectures and discussions at the Svensk-Tyska Sällskapet (Swedish-German Society , the Svenska Kommittén för Kulturens Frihet (Swedish Committee for the Freedom of Culture), the Alliance of Sudeten-German Social Democrats, and the Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany
Summer 1956 Island of Møn (Denmark)
31 October–
4 November 1956
Oslo (Norway)
Lectures at the Arbeidersamfund und Studentersamfundet


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