Brandt, Rut

© Bundesregierung/Engelbert Reineke

Norwegian, b. Hansen; second wife of Willy Brandt

  • 1920 born in Hamar/Norway
  • 1942-1946 first marriage with Ole Bergaust, widowed
  • 1942-1945 Exile in Sweden
  • 1947 Secretary at the Norwegian Military Administration in Berlin
  • 1948-1980 Marriage with Willy Brandt, three sons
  • 2006 died
Index of References
Democratic Socialist and Journalist in Sweden 1940-1946

SPD Politician in divided Berlin 1947-1956

Governing Mayor and Candidate for Chancellor 1957-1966

Foreign Minister and Federal Chancellor in Bonn 1967-1974

International statesman without government office 1975-1982

Private Life



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