Significant Speeches

In the course of his life, Willy Brandt delivered numerous addresses on the widest variety of topics and occasions. Here you will find texts of significant speeches from six decades. This collection will continue to be augmented.

23 Entries
Chancellor Willy Brandt delivers his first policy statement before the German Bundestag in Bonn, 28 October 1969

Government policy declaration to the German Bundestag in Bonn, 28 October 1969 More »

Televised address from Moscow on the German-Soviet treaty, 12 August 1970 More »

Televised address from Warsaw on the German-Polish Treaty, 7 December 1970 More »

Speech at the opening of the “Week of Brotherhood” in Cologne, 21 March 1971 More »

Speech on “A Politics for People” at the Tutzing Academy, 13 July 1971 More »

Speech on the occasion of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, 11 December 1971 More »

Statement about the Treaty on the Basis of Relations with the GDR, 7 November 1972 More »

Statement on the outcome of the Bundestag elections, 19 November 1972 More »

Speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, 13 November 1973 More »

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